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What’s The Best Type of Music for Your Wedding Reception?

Adam Long hard at work on his wedding day!

Adam Long hard at work on his wedding day!

 Adam Long, the Sole Agency owner & recent groom helps you reach the right notes for  your special day.

As a music agency owner & musician in Dubai I recently had the pleasure of playing and arranging the musical entertainment for the event of my life. My wedding, near Barcelona on 5th of July 2014.

My wonderful bride planned our day to perfection, however I was tasked with finding the right music for the day. In the end we had a bagpipe player for the ceremony entrance (she is Scottish), a Spanish guitarist who sang & played during our drinks reception and dinner, and after a search far and wide utilising all sorts of contacts in Europe I found what I think was the best band Barcelona had to offer. I even got up and played the saxophone!


Choosing the right band – Top Tips

While your wedding is obviously sharing your love and commitment with your special guests, it is also generally expected that you will put on a bit of a party, as it is after all a time for celebration.

  • What kind of music do you want?


What is the vibe that you are going for, talk through what kind of atmosphere you want to create?

Just remember though that a band have playlists for these kind of things and may be willing to learn a few new songs for you and slot them in, not every song is possible though, and remember the band will not be able to learn 25 new songs for you or if they will do that there will be an extra charge.

Once you find your band book them in quickly, as great bands get booked up fast.

As we got married in Spain outside in a vineyard, we knew we wanted to tie in some Spanish influences, however as the vineyard was in the middle of the countryside we knew that come sun down the band could rock out and our dance floor would be full.

Perhaps you want a jazz band, or a formal string quartet, maybe a ceilidh or a bit of swing. Whatever music you choose just remember to choose it so that it means something to you and your partner. The First Dance (Queen - Don't Stop Me Now)

  • Where will you want it?


Think about the logistics of your venue – will the ceremony be inside/outside? , is there much space? , is there electricity, what are the acoustics, do you have a noise limit? And such like. As mentioned before the music is a huge part of your day therefore you want to make sure you and your guests enjoy it to the full.

  • How about the cost?


Live musicians can seem expensive, Dj’s can be an excellent choice, if your budget is a little on the small side as they generally can work out a bit cheaper. They playlist can be altered to fit your needs/style and you may be able to have a variety of different music. The dancing never stopped!

  • What happens when the band takes a break?


Musicians can’t play forever, discuss with them/the agent what you would like to hear during this time, prior to your special day.

We were lucky a DJ friend of ours made a great playlist for us, which kept the party going.

At the end of the day nothing beats live music at your reception, and throughout the wedding. I genuinely believe the music we chose set a great tone for the celebrations and has created many lasting memories for us, and hopefully our guests.

Contact enquiries@sole-agency.com today for a chat regarding your special day. All our band’s, Dj’s , arabic duo’s, trio’s etc have all sorts of styles & experience to help make your day even more memorable.







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