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Top 10 Twitter Tips for Musicians

Top 10 Twitter Tips Here at SOLE Agency, we are trying to embrace the marketing world. One of our favourite’s to use is Twitter.

With over 200 million users, Twitter is one of the largest social marketing tools out there. Twitter when used effectively can help you to gain exposure and awareness to yourself or your band.

Twitter can be a great way for musician to promote their music, it can focus some PR on yourself or your band. It is also a great tool to reach out to your fans/followers on.

The question is, how is it possible to take 140 character tweets and turn them into quality leads. Have a look at our top 10 Twitter Tips below;

  1. Keep your user name Short & Sweet. Choose a unique and professional username, ideally your band name/stage name. Remember it would be crazy to have a huge Twitter name, as it restricts what people can say to you and may well put them off tweeting you, which really defeats the whole purpose.
  2. Keep your bio clear and concise. Twitter allows 160 characters worth of information here, so include keywords, try and make it attention grabbing.
  3. Create a good background image, remember the basics like branding, logos etc.
  4. What to Tweet about? – Although we are a music agent, not all of our tweets are music related, sometimes it is good to mix it up a bit, keep it entertaining and informative. Talk to your followers, get them to retweet you and hopefully new followers will come. If fans are being loyal to you by following you, show them some love back.
  5. How often to Tweet? – Tweets have a short shelf life, however that doesn’t mean you need to become a tweeting maniac. Posting too much may well annoy people and take away from other tweets that may have been more important.
  6. Retweet often – If you read something that makes you smile, retweet it others may smile too. This is also a good way of original tweeter seeing that you have retweeted and they may follow you, or engage you. You never know what may come from it.
  7. Reply When Necessary – While replying to every tweet would be great, sometimes it is just not possible, and it may not add any value. Twitter can start to take over your life, unless you are a Social Media Manager and it is part of your job, step away from the laptop and remember to go make some sweet music!
  8. Hashtags # – use them wisely. Hashtags are used for everything and anything for example – news, events, a shared joke. You can also create your own hashtag. For example we use #wemanagemusic
  9. Followers may rise and fall, don’t stress people come and go, don’t worry about it too much.
  10. Use third party tools, personally here at Sole we love hootsuite. There are so many on-line tools out there, take advantage of them and let your Twitter experience be maximised to the full.

We hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and remember to follow us on @SoleAgency

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