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The Gramercy DIFC – Open Mic Night

Check out the new open mic night every Friday from 7pm at The Gramercy DIFC.

Check out the new open mic night every Friday from 7pm at The Gramercy DIFC.

The music scene in Dubai has changed greatly over the last 7 or so years that I have been performing here. Dubai is not exactly overflowing with musician’s trying to make their name, be the next big thing or even become famous. It is however rapidly growing and I think a really exciting time to be working in this environment, both personally and professionally, as a performer and as SOLE Agency founder.

In recent years the Open Mic concept in the UAE has had an interesting and varied path. Recently there has been a resurgence and various venues throughout the city are hosting regular musical open mic nights. These can play host be solo, duo, trio, jazz, rock, pop, acoustic musicians really, anything does go! Some venues focus more on comedy and poetry also.

We are very excited to be part of the new open mic night at The Gramercy in The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), hosted by the one and only Abbo – British born singer/songwriter/guitarist and all round great guy. The host plays such an important part at an open mic night. Not only is Abbo a music lover, with a massive knowledge and supporter of locally based talent, he goes above and beyond to ensure performers and the public have a wonderful night.

Check out the new open mic night every Friday night at The Gramercy DIFC.

Check out the new open mic night every Friday night at The Gramercy DIFC.

Open Mic nights can be great fun, an open forum usually filled with music loving performers and a music loving audience! Maybe not everyone will knock your socks off, maybe someone will have an off day, or try something new that does not work out, however where else do you have a chance to enjoy such a varied night out of music in Dubai?

It may sound like stating the obvious but open mic nights are a great chance for performers to perform – try something new, see how the audience reacts to a new song, perform with someone whose music style you may never have thought would blend well with your own, and magic can happen! Also let’s not forget you never know who may be there or what bookings may come from it? One of the acts performing for SOLE Agency this year at RedFest was spotted through an open mic night months earlier.Spotted at an open mic night - booked to play at RedFest Dubai!

As for the music loving audience, open mic nights are great. The Gramercy will provide a great atmosphere to spend a laid back Friday night with fabulous drinks promos and delicious food. Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting back and seeing where the night will take you – musically.

As we all know Dubai is a unique place to live, work and perform. The city continues to gain popularity and sometimes criticism. We are so excited to be part of a great new night at The Gramercy DIFC and look forward to seeing you there!

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