International Concerts in the UAE
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International Concerts in the UAE over the past few years

Concerts and Live Music in The UAE - What have been your favourites? This week I wanted to write a blog about concerts in the UAE. As we all know, the UAE has grown at a huge rate over the last 30 or so years. Nowadays choosing who to go and see is a tough one as there are so many acts coming over, sometimes on the same night and quite often with a pricey cost to go with it.

I can however say that I have been lucky enough to see some great concerts while living here, all of which have created some amazing memories for me. So I hope you enjoy some of my favourites (in no particular order);

Dubai Jazz Festival holds some happy memories for me. I don’t know if it is because it seems so intimate, up close and personal but I just love it. Train, Jools Holland, Jason Mraz, Jamie Cullum have been some of my favourites.

Dubai Media City has to be one of my favourite venues in the city, maybe it is from the days of being able to see a concert and walk back home to my old flat in the marina. It always made me feel like I was in a big bustling city, maybe it is just the shock of seeing people walking here. JLo was great and so beautiful, oh to have those abs!  One concert I really did not enjoy at Media City was Usher! I thought it would never end, I was not an Usher fan before and am most certainly not now!

Sandance holds a place dear in my heart, Florence & The Machine, Noel Gallagher are 2 of my favourites for sure. It always makes me think of great Dubai friends, a stop off for something unhealthy on the way home. Nothing better than a bit of Live Music

How could I not mention the F1, we are so lucky with such a great event every year, just a bit annoying you need a race ticket to enjoy nowadays! I remember Kings of Leon, the first year, they were amazing, and sadly I did not enjoy them so much at Atlantis in June. Maybe that was just me though?

The Yas Arena has had some fabulous concerts. I was lucky enough to bring my dad to The Rolling Stones, he loves them. I actually really enjoyed them as well. I wish I could have brought him to see The Eagles when they were in Dubai, as he would have loved that, once again I was surprised how much I did. I need to see who is coming out in 2015 so he can tie in another concert experience. Sadly I don’t think he is a Robbie Williams fan.

Last but by no means least I think Stevie Wonder has to go down as one of my favourite UAE concerts, what a legend. This was tied in with a cheeky weekend away at a lovely hotel in Abu Dhabi, so that always adds to the experience.

Music makes Memories On a non-Dubai related scale, writing this blog has made me think about my favourite concert ever. Number one on my list has to be Oasis – What’s The Story Morning Glory Tour at Loch Lomond. I have seen Oasis multiple times, the first time ever was at Loch Lomond near Glasgow back in 1996. This will perhaps always be my all-time number 1. Perhaps because it was my first proper concert (not that Kylie, Jason & Status Quo weren’t great) but it was the first time I had been amongst 40,000 screaming Scots, the sun was shining, Ocean Colour Scene & Cast were the warm up and most excitingly I got to meet Noel (Long story, but my love for him, and Oasis was born) From the moment ‘Acquiesce’ started and Liam swaggered on stage, I became a fan for life. Thinking about ‘ Live Forever’ dedicated to a member of crew who died during the set up & The Charlatan’s keyboard player still make me well up. All in all I loved every minute of it, and sets the benchmark for me.

Who have you loved & not loved seeing in the UAE, I would love to hear your thoughts….. Also who will be coming out in 2015, is there anyone in particular you would like to see?



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