Pimms Brooke - Sole Entertainment
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Pimms Brooke – Featured Artist 

As a young girl Pimms was always a performer, and found her singing voice aged 12. Shortly after she became a regular writer of poetry which soon turned in to lyrics for her soon-to-come songs. Having grown up in North London she later attended stage school and Music College in East London.

With influences when she was yonger such as Etta James, Nina Simone, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion, Pimms’ vocal performance follows suit in a jazzy, soulful style that she loves to perform. She does however have a big like for music generally and can get happily lost in classical, commercial, hip hop and house music.


She has not only succeeded as a singer in her career. Credits as an actress and model while based in London led Pimms to work on various TV, film, fashion photo shoots and events, music videos and appear in magazines, including Fast and Furious 6, QVC Shopping Channel, Channel 4 lifestyle programs, Beat by Dre, and London Fashion Week.


Since moving to Dubai in 2014, Pimms has performed at some of Dubai’s top night spots including The Act, Music Hall, GQ Bar and events, and for events including Mojeh Fashion and Ahlan Hot 100.


Pimms now currently performs regularly with different musicians in smaller intimate venues performing hits of her idols, as well as with her band at venues such as the Burj Al Arab for high-end corporate events. She is also currently working on her originals and recently released her debut single Not Giving Up, the first track from the forthcoming album Under The Layers.