The Swing Revue - Sole Entertainment
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The Swing Revue – Exclusive Artist 

This band was founded in the UAE in 2014 by a group of musicians across U.A.E that, albeit were performing at corporate and sporting events and at five star hotels regularly, were missing something from their musical lives!

The Swing Revue was founded on the basis that no other band here in Dubai provide quite this type of show, and these musicians specialize in this era and style! Their high impact energetic performances of swing, with influences from the 1920’s to the 1950’s, bring nothing but a smile to your face as you listen to the solos, harmonies, and passion expressed by the musicians!


The band hail from the Philippines, England, Australia and Armenia, and show particular style and detailing with their image. Due to the nature of the fun free-flowing music and the musicians natural capabilities, don’t be surprised to see a few instruments in their that you might not be expecting to see, also whilst dancing the boogie woogie style to tunes from artists such as Louis Prima and The Andrews Sisters – all part of The Swing Revue show!


This band have gone from strength to strength across the Middle East the past couple of years, nominated for two Timeout Nightlife Awards in 2016; Best Dubai Act and Best Gig Under 3,000

Currently performing weekly at ‘Jazz@PizzaExpress’ (JLT) in the company of the swing dance group Lindy Hop Dubai.