Country Music in Dubai
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Why We love Country Music – We need more of it in Dubai!

Stay tuned for some BIG Country Music News!

Stay tuned for some BIG Country Music News!

For a while now at SOLE HQ we have been working on something Country Music related which is going to be amazing. It is still a bit top secret, with more details to come, however in honour of this, I have decided this week to write a blog about country music, and why it is so great.
Who knows if Country music will ever fit in with the ‘cool dudes’, the ‘IT crowd’, ‘Hipsters’ etc, however who really cares? I guess like everything in life it comes down to individual taste, and exactly the same can be said for jazz, pop, RnB and all other genres of music.
Personally I think Dubai could do with a bit of Country music, I have actually really struggled to find any venues in our great city that have it on offer . Yes places may cover a country song or two & there may be a few bands out there doing it, but in a city this size, it definitely seems to be a genre very much on the backburner. Which I think is a shame when there are so many things to love about Country music.

Country Music in Dubai

Country Music in Dubai – Where Can you Find it?

It tells a story – It is all about storytelling, sometimes happy and sometimes so very sad. Listen to the words of song of the greats, for example Willie Nelson, Patsy Kline & Dolly Parton to name just 3. Sometimes you just need a good cry & Country Music is the perfect music to do it to. Type into Google, the saddest ever Country songs and have your tissues ready!

The Sound is Unique – The sound of Country is so unique, call it the twang, the drawl, the way vowels are drawn out, and the nasal qualities to it. Every artist has their own way of interpreting it, however each and every one of them manages to make it into their own unique style.
To play Country , you generally play an instrument or a few instruments – Now not that I am saying that it a totally necessary, but have a look at today’s pop stars how many of them can play an instrument, and how many of them sing without crazy auto-tuning going on? Country stars are generally incredibly talented individuals. They don’t aspire to be famous they aspire to be musicians.
It may be sad, but it is also heartfelt – Perhaps this is because country music songs have real storytelling qualities to them, happy or sad, the lyrics are generally easy to understand and quite often emphasise with. Dolly Parton’s Jolene is a great example of this. Don’t get me wrong Country music is not all about sad songs, or about cowboys, checked shirts and line dancing. Listen to the lyrics in you will be surprised about how relatable so many Country songs actually are.
It makes you get up and Dance! – As we know dancing is exercise, exercise is good for you.


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s post, stay tuned for some more Country music related news for Dubai Y’all!


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