A conversation with the Antal-Hansen Duo - Sole Entertainment
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A conversation with the Antal-Hansen Duo

Jazz guitar and bass/cello duo

Jazz guitar and bass/cello duo

Every so often a new musician, or group of musicians come to your attention and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on edge. This happened at SOLE Agency recently when he heard the Antal-Hansen duo playing together for the first time.

SOLE Agency is very proud and takes partial credit for this new pairing. Back in the latter part of 2014 we were contacted by Soren Hansen enquiring about the music scene in Dubai and possible future opportunities. After listening to his demos and getting very excited about a new extremely talented double bass player coming to town, we immediately thought about another very talented performer, Peter Antal, who we knew was keen to form a jazz duo with a fellow jazz pro – I guess we can say this became a match made in ‘jazz’ heaven!

Believe it or not the first meeting was a virtual jam session over Skype – what an interactive age we now live in?! George Gershwin did once say ‘Life is a lot like jazz, it’s best when you improvise’. Upon arrival in Dubai the Antal-Hansen duo set to work. We are now very excited to showcase them as what we think are the UAE’s top jazz pairing.

We hope you enjoy the Q & A below with two of the UAE’s most authentic ‘cats’, the Antal-Hansen Duo.

1. What made you decide to form the Antal-Hansen Duo?
– We share a common interest in this music genre and the efforts needed for interacting musically in the best possible way.
2. When did you start playing together?
– December 2014
3. Which instruments do you play?
Guitar double bass & cello
4. Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?
– It’s not a question of admiring but more about acknowledging musically paved paths on chart laid out for any jazz musician to use as a guideline and as inspiration.
To name a few names, duos like Jim Hall & Ron Carter, Joe Pass & NHOP, Herb Ellis & Red Mitchell, Philip Catherine & NHOP
5. How do you balance your music with other obligations –friends/family etc?
– Don’t know if we actually manage to balance these matters or how well.. We do try, our very best.

At SOLE Agency we are very excited to be working with these musicians. The jazz scene in Dubai can not be compared to cities like New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Paris or London, however, we are hoping that with musicians of this calibre now choosing to reside here, more jazz lovers from Dubai & Abu Dhabi will come flocking to listen.

We live in a new city that is continuously evolving, especially with more and more live music venues. With that we can help cater for the jazz purists who have perhaps bashed the jazz scene here historically. Perhaps 2015 will be a time that the city finds a further foot-hold in non-commercial jazz, especially with the help of musicians such as the Antal-Hansen Duo? Either way, there is a place for commercial and less-mainstream jazz actslike the Antal-Hansen duo. “If you have to ask what jazz is you’ll never know” (Louis Armstrong).

The Antal-Hansen Duo are now available for residencies, weddings, corporate events & more.
For enquiries/bookings regarding the Antal-Soren duo please contact enquiries@sole-agency.com

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