Who would you like to see play here in concert?
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Concerts you would love to see take place in the UAE?

Following on from our last blog, about bands you would like to see reunited. Today we decided to have a think about concerts we would love to see take place in the UAE. Obviously this was highly debated in our office as it pretty much comes down to personal taste, however we generally agreed on the below;

What concerts would you like to see in the UAE?

  1. Bruce Springsteen – Sadly none of us have ever had the pleasure of seeing one of Springsteen’s show live, however we have all heard about the crowd participation, the energy, the song request and the fact that he has been doing it for so long and with such dedication to each & every performance, that he will forever be called ‘Boss’
  2. Dub Pistols – I actually struggled to find a bad review of these guys, the energy, the performance, the music, the vibe all raved about. Would be great for a festival type of thing out here.
  3. Cher (with Cyndi Lauper as her opener) at 68 years old, it has been said that Cher’s and her costumes get better with age. We certainly would pay to see her in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.
  4. London Grammar – Recently completed an Australian tour, which was very well received. Heard them on Radio One’s Live Lounge a few years ago and was blown away.
  5. Neil Young – I guess could be a worry for any concert promoter as his previous shows have all been quite different, with quite different write ups. However if he played his classics, I imagine people would come flocking.
  6. Clean Bandit – Meant to be an amazing show, performance. Heard so much good stuff about them, we would love to see them out here.
  7. Radiohead – Meant to be a beautiful and haunting show, much like Radiohead’s songs. Lights, screens and projections with hypnotic vocals.
  8. Leonard Cohen – This 80 year old’s magic can’t last forever. He released a new album this year and toured extensively last year. Amazing!
  9. Kate Bush – After a critically acclaimed comeback after 35 years absence. Why not bring her out to Dubai?
  10. SBTRKT – Always up to see a bit of Electronic music in the UAE.
  11. Foo Fighters – I actually failed to find a bad review of past Foo Fighter’s concerts. Amazing, Incredible, Inspiring, were just some of the words that came up in each & every review. Come on UAE, bring them out here.
  12. Mumford & Sons – Another controversial one at SOLE HQ, a bit beardy, a bit too folky after a while, very acoustic & really could we sit through a full concert of them, however they made our list because even with all that said. We have heard that they are really great live, and actually thrive on the big stage.
  13. Taylor Swift – Love her or hate her, you have got to admit she is contagious. Bet you all have ‘Shake it Out’ in your head now. She has a great voice, and is a great songwriter. While not everyone’s cup of tea, she is meant to be a great performer & so professional for someone so young.
  14. Billy Joel – Who wouldn’t want to see The Piano Man, his 8 piece band are meant to be phenomenal and Adam our head honcho here at SOLE would literally die tears of happiness watching the sax solo on ‘New York State of Mind’
  15. Bastille – Alternative pop/rock band getting great reviews at present. Would love to see them before they become huge.
  16. Gorgon City – Meant to be great at reading the crowd, and genuinely loving what they do. I read a review that describes them as deep, dark & danceable. Sounds awesome!

Concerts you would like to see in the UAE

Anyway, maybe I have just done some work for the concert promoters out there in the UAE, or maybe I have sent them into a blind panic. Also let us know who you would like to see out here.




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