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The Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

Learing to play an instrument makes you more intelligentFor those of us working at SOLE music plays an integral part of our lives.

Johann Sebastian Bach once said ‘it’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do us touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself’

There have been many studies, regarding the pleasure and joy that playing a musical instrument can bring to yourself. No matter how good or how bad a player you are the benefits of playing a musical instrument can be huge.

Research has shown that playing a musical instrument not only stimulates your mind but can also help increase our memory, and boost our listening skills. The fact that learning to play an instrument can bring significant improvements to your brain is one of many reasons why everyone should give learning an instrument a go.

Learning how to play an instrument involves a lot of practice. This in itself teaches discipline, and teaches perseverance and helps to increase your responsibility. All useful qualities in life.

Learning an instrument that would be played in a band/orchestra or group setting helps to boost team skills. You learn how to cooperate with others, how to maximise and minimise the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and others.

Studies have reported that learning to play an instrument can improve reading, arithmetic and comprehension skills. This should not be surprising as music requires counting notes/rhythms and then translating them into music.

Above all else not only is playing an instrument fun and exciting for both yourself and those around you. It is never too late to pick up an instrument and gain the benefits. Some people may laugh at those awkward notes, and screechy sounds however you and your brain can always have the last laugh. There is no better time to give it a go and enjoy benefits that will last you a lifetime.

Do not fear mistakes. There are none – Miles Davis

The Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument can last you a lifetime!

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