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exclusive artist – Jin Flora


Jin Flora has an outstanding voice, citing influences from Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Lauren Hill – her soulful vocal style capable of delivering soft acrobatics as well as being able to ‘belt’ high notes easily. Jin’s performing experience across the UK includes theatre, large public events, recording artist, singer/songwriter, and TV performances (including The Voice UK) resulting in captivating performances with particular attention to detail in her vocal melodies.

Since arriving in Dubai in 2015 Jin has continued to wow audiences with her performances with live features on Dubai TV, in front of audiences at Modhesh World (2015) Dubai, at gala dinners, sporting events, and five star hotel engagements. She performs with numerous top session musicians based in Dubai, performing in duos, trios and larger bands. Jin’s personality shines through her performances, ranging from jazz classics to current day hits. Her performance brings a unique sound and flava, created by the different band-members musical upbringings from around the World.


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Jin Flora - SOLE Agency Exclusive Artist

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