Marshall Robot - Sole Entertainment
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Marshall The Robot

NEW and EXCLUSIVE for the 1st time ever in the UAE, meet MARSHALL!  

Marshall Who?


MARSHALL is a 9.5 feet tall modern, interactive, fully loaded robot. Humans of the UAE it is time to join MARSHALL in this modern World of entertainment.


Landing in the UAE in April 2018, MARSHALL is a spectacle to behold. MARSHALL can fully interact with your guests or audience in REAL time or can be pre-programmed to entertain in any language to suit client individual needs. MARSHALL can move, talk, dance, laugh and sing!


The large LED screen on MARSHALL’s torso is the perfect place to display your corporate branding or latest marketing campaign.



MARSHALL is the next WOW! in entertainment. His head moves side to side and up and down. His forearms move up and down, and swing left and right. His hands rotate from left to right, and even his fingers move. MARSHALL can bend down to say “Hi!” or for that special “selfie” moment!


He moves forward, backward, turns left and right, and in circles. MARSHALL is a real robot with no human inside, providing clients with a firsthand sci-fi technological experience!


Be part of history and book MARSHALL now!

Interested in seeing more of Marshall?