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The UAE is home to many talented classically-trained musicians, many of whom work as teachers in schools and extra-curricular music classes. Others are full-time performers, generally working as soloists or in duos, trios and quartets for corporate clients. Within the wide range of backgrounds, SOLE represents performers who have some of the best training in the entertainment industry in the GCC. There is a high standard of performance with many musicians having studied under or with some of the world’s leading music schools, conservatories, colleges and academies.

There is a robust demand for classical genre performances from SOLE’s clients, ranging from standard classical through to ‘electric classical’ and ‘classical-crossover’ which incorporates electric elements and amplified instruments into the performance. At least half of SOLE’s classic clients in the last year have required some type of crossover element, opting for traditional style with a modern twist. 

With the rise in popularity of the National Symphony Orchestra in Abu Dhabi, SOLE receives a wide variety of requests for classical contracts from corporate clients. Giving regular concerts to mixed audiences from across the UAE, the orchestra has helped raise the profile of classical music as well as the profiles of some of the most talented classically trained musicians in the GCC. Aside from the standard symphony set-up, SOLE represents a number of musicians from chamber orchestras who rehearse and perform regularly at events and concerts in the region.

Outside of the GCC, SOLE liaises with some high profile international groups and soloists raising the profile of classical music on popular television shows such as America’s Got Talent.