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The UAE has a thriving music scene and is becoming a popular destination for international musical acts. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are gaining reputations as being hosts to some of the world’s biggest and best events, similar to other major cities around the world, and these reputations are constantly attracting new musicians to the region. Performers often arrive in the UAE as a solo act or as part of a much bigger band contracted to perform regularly at a venue. Once here, though, musicians find themselves with a much wider variety of talent to perform with, especially from different nationalities. As a result, more and more bands and projects are continually emerging, enhancing the local music scene by way of public and private performance availability. 

SOLE is regularly in touch with musicians new to the region, working tirelessly to keep up-to-date on the constantly changing scene, providing advice to newcomers as well as new and exciting options to clients. 

A core group of Dubai and Abu Dhabi-based musicians are starting to push through musical boundaries with their talents, writing and collaborating to produce commercially available work recorded in the UAE. The result is world-class music being produced locally, available to clients through SOLE management.