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Like many industries in the region, the music scene in the UAE benefits from the talent of many expatriates who have immigrated from near and afar. Many musicians represented by SOLE have migrated to Dubai or further afield in the GCC from all over the world, bringing with them a distinct musical flare and experience. We represent acts originating from all over the Middle East who can provide traditional entertainment for clients who are keen for authentic Arabic performances and experience.

For example, Ayala Stick Dancing is well-known across the region, famous for its mesmerising folkloric dancing accompanied with traditional Arabic instrumental music. Similarly, the Oud is an iconic instrument in the GCC and is popular with both male and females performers.

The region now hosts a lot of variation across the different types of Middle Eastern performances available, with musicians ranging from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and beyond.

While the Western music scene is often dominated by “Top 40” or “jazz” music, the Arabic musical experience brings its own unique sound and brand to regional events. As with our Western musicians, SOLE also has access to some more well-known high-profile names in the Arabic music world, either originating from or based here in the UAE and GCC. We also can provide various up and coming and new very interesting collaborations in styles where Middle East meets West!