Sole Agency Dubai - About Us
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about us

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SOLE is a boutique agency which provides musical talent and entertainment to local industry events across the GCC. Based in Dubai, SOLE specializes in providing musicians and artists to clients ranging from corporate functions, private events, and launches which take place on a regular basis across this dynamic and fast-paced city. SOLE also provides entertainment to sporting venues and hotels, representing professional and established musicians for regular residencies at high-profile bars and restaurants across the UAE. 

As a full-service music agency SOLE represents a wide range of musicians based in Dubai and beyond, allowing them to focus on making and producing top quality music whilst we administer the ins and outs of promoting their talents, managing bookings and client relationships. 


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how we work

SOLE works closely with our clients to create a bespoke experience for your event, taking all the information in to account before offering the best options available to best meet your entertainment needs. We like to discuss the events with clients – from the beginning of the red carpet to the last guest leaving – before designing a tailor-made approach providing music, ambience and entertainment for an event.  Is your event a small, private affair or a big, boisterous occasion? These are factors that we’ll take in to account before finding the perfect musical act to accompany your event. 

When recommending musical entertainment for an event, we take in to account all the relevant factors from the beginning to end, such as the size of venue, the motif of your affair, the demographic of attendees, locational logistics, and – most importantly – the vision of the hosts. What are you trying to achieve? This is the hands-on approach that you will receive when you work with a boutique agency like SOLE; we will design the musical and entertainment programme to fit your needs and your budget. The more information provided before the event, the better we can meet your needs, which helps your event be the success it deserves to be. 


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what clients expect from us

SOLE offers a professional management team with experience in both the corporate world and the events industry, based in the UK and in the UAE. We understand why hosts and venues make decisions, but also value the perspective of musicians and understand what is required in order to achieve the best possible musical experience, and the results required and expected by clients.

With experience in both the musical and corporate world, SOLE helps bridge the gap between clients and musicians.


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What Musicians Can Expect From Us

With over six years of experience in the entertainment industry in the UAE, SOLE has an established and prestigious network of clients ranging from event companies, PR agencies, top-range hotels and venues, as well as other corporate customers who demand high-quality service and professional musicians to meet their entertainment needs.

SOLE provides liaison between high-profile clients and professional musicians, offering guidance to artists on current local market trends and requirements in the entertainment field.

As an in-house musician at SOLE, artists are presented to client enquiries when best meeting their entertainment needs.   We have the organizational structures and commercial contracting history to help us secure the best job possible for you at market-friendly, competitively fair rates.

SOLE safeguards bookings as best we can by taking care of all necessary administration and paperwork with regard to performances. This streamlines the process for artists, and avoids complications often associated with working with large semi-governmental clients in the GCC. This allows performers to focus on their music, rather than the business and administration of pursuing their careers.

As the founder of SOLE is still a working musician in the GCC, he has a nuanced understanding of the local entertainment industry and appreciates the logistical and administrative challenges performers often face. He is well-respected in the local entertainment industry, and uses his contacts and experience to keep up-to-date on the local marketplace, and utilizes this knowledge when managing the careers of in-house musicians at SOLE.